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USA F1 Student Visa Interview Preparation and Tips

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Congratulations! You have been accepted to an American University. It is now time to prepare for your F1 visa in-person interview with a consular. Whether it is your first time giving a visa interview or you have given one before, being well-prepared for an F1 visa interview is important. Remember, confirming your spot in the college or university and studying in the USA is dependent on how your visa interview goes, since otherwise you would not be able to secure your F1 status.

Let’s look at the 3 most important things that an F1 visa interviewer looks for in their interviewee.


Of all the things, we think this is the most important: the intentions of the student regarding their career choices and their overall thought process about taking decisions in life. The interview officer will definitely question the reason behind your choice to study in the USA; why you chose the particular college; and do you intend to return to India. They will need supporting documents to ensure credibility of your responses.

Financial background

To check your financial background they would, obviously, go through your bank statements and other supporting documents used to clear DS-160. You will need these documents during your interview. They need it to ensure that you are a bonafide student, capable enough to support themselves throughout your time in the USA. And, moreover, you will not be dependent on the public fund of the country for survival. You would also be asked personal questions regarding your parent’s income, properties, your scholarship status, etc. You need to be prepared and answer them confidently and clearly.

Future plans

Typically, you would always be asked about your future plans and your career goals. This helps them understand whether you have reflected well before applying or not. Plus, it makes them confirm that you have clear intentions of returning back to your home-country. Please note that you are there for the interview to STUDY in the USA, and not WORK. Any internship or job that you would be pursuing during or after your graduation is considered as a secondary pursuit of your education.

Lastly, during the complete interview process:

  1. Be confident with your answers.

  2. Use correct grammar and do not go for fancy words if you are not confident of the usage or the pronunciation

  3. Most importantly, do not forget any document that you are supposed to carry with you on the interview day.

  4. Also, take care of your attire. You can opt for a light shirt with dark pants and formal shoes. Be immaculate in presenting yourself, since first impressions are very important.

If all goes well, your visa will be approved in 2-3 days, and if any further process is needed, it can take upto 2 months.

So stay calm, and start preparing answers. Good luck!

In case you have any specific concerns regarding F1 Visa interviews or the process of Study in the USA, contact us.

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